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Frankie’s Formation

Posted: 21 April 2022

What do you value?

From the players below we want you to pick your team selection on what is most important to you. The closer to Frankie’s goal the more important the player is for you. Simply select the drop down below and chose your player for that position.

IMPORTANT – If on a mobile device please rotate screen landscape

Robin is all about friendship and loves nothing more then having a kick about with pals.

Emma likes making decisions on her own during the game especially when this helps her team

Winnie loves to run run run . Playing football is all about staying fit and healthy.

Daisy always tries to put 100% effort into football and takes pride in trying her best.

Felix loves the feeling of scoring, setting up goals and stopping shots. It makes him really happy.

Fran loves new challenges and learning new skills. She is always in the garden practicing new tricks.

Morgan just wants to spend time with the family. Morgan loves it when they come to watch.

Ben loves to imagine he is a pro. He always pretends to be Harry Kane when on the ball.

Rachel just plays for fun. Football is what she looks forward to most on the weekend.