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Kids Zone A page dedicated to our young players

Faces to remember…

These two faces are the ones worth remembering! If you have any worries about ANYTHING, these are the first ones to go to…

Rosie McCarthy – Designated Safeguarding Officer

Rosie is the first person you would ask for at the County FA if you had any worries or troubles. She is here to make sure the clubs and leagues that you play in know how to allow you to have the best time possible!

Luke Scott  – Deputy Safeguarding Officer 

Luke works closely with Rosie and supports her daily. When she is not available, Luke steps in. You can be assured that there is always someone available. Luke is also the Workforce Development Officer so is there for any issues you may have whilst refereeing that you’re not comfortable with.

You can call 07535 640452 or email if you have ANY worries. You can also speak to your Club Welfare Officer, you can ask a member of your club who this is. 

Know your rights too…

Make sure you know your rights when it comes to feeling safe in football.